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Attribution Service

If you think all there is to know about coins is as simple as placing a coin with a date in an album, please read our Primer on the Complexity of Coins first before you consider whether to use our attribution services.   attribution
Dr. Fey has an extensive numismatic library with thousands of specialty coin books, numismatic journals, and auction catalogs. There is hardly a day that goes by that he isn’t examining a numismatic item for attribution, grading, or submission to a grading service.
Attribution Services
Aside from being able to attribute coins from just about any series, Dr. Fey has published new discoveries in Indian cents, Bust coins, Seated coins, Barber coins, Morgan and Peace Dollars, and Canadian coins. If he can’t attribute a coin, he’s in close touch with an extensive network of experts in each series that he can call upon for assistance.
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There is normally NO CHARGE for collectors who send a coin or two for attribution, and especially so if it’s a Morgan or Peace silver dollar. Just enclose a registered, insured return mailer, or check to cover the cost of registered, insured return postage so that we can mail your coin back. For values under a hundred dollars, you may request insured mail only, but it would be at your risk. In this manner, we are not out-of-pocket for serving you.
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There is a charge of $5/coin for anything more than a couple of coin submissions by a collector, for repeated submissions by the same collector, or for collectors not already a customer of RCI. In addition to the attribution fee, we require that you enclose a registered, insured return mailer, or check to cover the cost of registered, insured return postage.


It is possible that a coin may require more research, or outside expertise than can be accomplished at our office, thus attribution fees may be substantially higher than $5/coin. In that event, we would contact you for permission to proceed prior to doing any further work on your coin(s). We can also assist collectors with Press Releases and publishing new discoveries in coin newspapers and coin journals as we have done so many times in the past.
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We can review larger quantities of coins, or bulk submissions on a negotiated rate based on time and effort. On several occasions dealers have submitted bag quantities (1000 coins) of 1878 Morgan dollars for attribution. If you are interested in submitting a large quantity, please call first at 973-252-4000, or E-mail us with the details. We have made some coin dealers very happy with the results (references available on request). We can usually turn coins around within days of receipt.

1878 Morgan dollars
The largest bulk attribution Dr. Fey ever performed was 35,000 Morgan & Peace dollars over a 9 day period while going through Ted Binion’s Nevada Hoard. Needless to say, hundreds of “premium” die varieties were encountered, more than covering the cost for attribution services many times over.
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