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In addition to our black cover “Leatherette” 3rd edition of the Top 100 Morgan Dollar Varieties: The VAM Keys by Michael S. Fey, Ph.D. & Jeff Oxman ($24.95), we also printed 100 copies of a large 8 ½” by 11” format Leather Bound Collector’s Edition. This 2nd edition has raised spines, embossed gold letters on the covers, gilt edges, antiqued end pages, acid free paper and a silk ribbon to bookmark your place. Each edition was hand signed by the authors in 1997, contained a special photo insert (not published elsewhere) and each was hand serial numbered from 1 to 100. This Leather Bound Collector’s Edition quickly sold out for $100/copy in 1997. From time to time, we buy back copies from deceased collectors, or collectors deaccessing their library. If you are interested in obtaining a copy, please contact Dr. Fey by Email to check availability and/or to get on the waiting list.


In 1999, we produced a 3rd edition of the Top 100 book in both a perfect bound and a spiral bound version. The perfect bound book has also sold out, but the more popular spiral bound copies are still available. If you wish to order one, please click below:

4th Edition Spiral bound Top 100 Morgan Dollar Varieties: The VAM Keys

  In 1997, RCI worked with Carlisle Development Corporation to develop the Top 100 CD, the CD version of our revolutionary new pocket book. At the time, this was also a revolutionary new product in that you could see images of Top 100 coins photographed by Tom Mulvaney, still one of the best photographers in the hobby, in a much larger size on your computer screen than the book. You could literally walk across the doubling of the serifs, dates, letters, and mint marks of each variety. The details of the images were absolutely incredible! A later version was developed that could become an add-on to Carlisle’s Coin Collector’s Assistant. The Coin Collector’s Assistant program allows you to monitor and store your collection electronically, so that all the information you would ever need about your collection is at your fingertips. I still use the Coin Collector’s Assistant and love it!

Carlisle now offers the latest updated versions of the Top 100 for both PC and MAC platforms. However, we’ve managed to get a few copies of the original Top 100 CD that work on the old PC Windows 3.1 or higher. Even if your computer is new, you may still be able to access these incredible images. We can offer these to you at a steeply discounted price. To order, please click.

Original Top 100 CD, Windows 3.1 or higher. Only $14.95 ea.


These handy bright little orange stickers can be placed on your certified coins or on flips to highlight that your coin is a Top 100! Collectors or dealers will spot these stickers from a distance and hone right in on your coin(s). They come in sheets of 48 stickers. To order, please click

48-Top 100 Stickers $2.00/sheet


I strongly recommend this fantastic 8 ½” x 11” attribution guide. For once you get your coin(s) home, you will want to study them further with more pictures, larger pictures and more reference information. There’s nothing better in print than Oxman and Hartnett’s 1878 8-TF Morgan Dollar Attribution Guide.

**Order from the author, Jeff Oxman**


This CD was designed as an attribution guide, a pricing guide, and as a trainer to assist you in recognizing all 41 different 1878 8TF varieties. As with the Top 100 CD, the images are incredible, and the trainer is fun to use. This CD will operate with the most current PC based operating system. It’s software developer, John Baumgart , can provide personal assistance so that you’ll be absolutely satisfied. To order, please click:

**Order from the author, John Baumgart**


In a similar format to Oxman and Hartnett’s 1878 8-TF Morgan Dollar Attribution Guide, this handy 8 ½’ x 11” reference book will show you how to attribute every one of the 16 known 1878 7/8 (7 over 8) Tailfeather (TF) Morgan silver dollars. Also included is information and photos for the 7 known 1878 7-TF B1 reverses, those that have a longer center arrow shaft than other 1878 7-TF Morgan dollars. You may have a rare Mint State example of the 1878 7/3-TF VAM 44 in your collection right now and not even know it! As an ordinary 7TF, it may be worth only $50 in Mint State 60, but as a VAM 44 it’s actually worth $5000. This is the ultimate guide to attribute 1878 7/8-TF dollars. I highly recommend it. Unfortunately, the 1878 7/8-TF Attribution Guide is currently out-of-print, but will be reprinted soon. To get on the waiting list, please click.

**Order from the author, Jeff Oxman**


In response to collector demand for more new premium varieties, and as a result of the success of the Top 100, Oxman wrote the Hot 50. The Hot 50 contained 50 exciting new varieties that supplement the Top 100. Advanced Morgan dollar collectors now have even more to look for when searching through silver dollars at coin shops and shows. Do you have any Hot 50 coins in your collection? Did you know that if you have an 1889 VAM 23A in your collection in any grade, it would be the second specimen known! And, it would be worth a small fortune. This book will pay for itself many times over with your first few purchases. Unfortunately, the Hot 50 Morgan Silver Dollars is currently out-of-print, but will be reprinted soon. To get on the waiting list, please click.

**Order from the author, Jeff Oxman**


In the same vein as the Top 100 Morgan Silver Dollar Varieties book, Oxman teamed up with veteran Peace silver dollar collector, Dr. David Close, to write the The Official Guide to the Top 50 Peace Dollar Varieties. Well illustrated and informative, it’s the best reference book on Peace silver dollar varieties in the marketplace. Did you know that the 1934 D Peace dollar comes with a strongly doubled die obverse, yet two different reverses? The large blob D mint mark reverse is fairly common although still commands a premium, but find the elusive reverse with the “micro D” and you’ve found the King of Peace Dollar varieties! To order, please click.

**Order from the author, Jeff Oxman**


Kudos to Mark Kimpton, M.D., on the publication of his new reference book titled Elite Clashed Morgan Dollars! The 147 page book offer hundreds of photographs, descriptions, rarity estimates and values for a variety of new clashed Morgan Dollar discoveries, some of which have been hiding in plain view of our Top 100 varieties.

This book will give you a whole new insight into critically looking at your silver dollars for die clashing, die states, and rotations. Who would have thought that an “O” mint mark could be found on the obverse of a silver dollar? Dr. Kimpton will earn his place in numismatic history as the “Father of Clashed Morgan Dollars”. I strongly recommend that all advance silver dollar specialists read this!

Elite Clashed Morgan Dollars $24.95


The title says it all! If you want to have some real fun with these relatively common and inexpensive Morgan silver dollars that nearly every dealer has in his case and wants to sell, this book is for you. However, don’t be too surprised if you’re quickly “cherrypicking” rare die varieties worth double, triple of multiple times the price of your purchase. To order, please click:

Fun with 1921 $29.95 **Direct from the Author, Rob Joyce**


See and hear the Morgan & Peace silver dollar experts (Fey, Oxman, Fivaz, Close, Joyce etc.) speak on Morgan & Peace Silver dollar varieties, VAM collecting, and so much more. Choose among numerous videotapes from past American Numismatic Association (ANA) meetings and seminars at the ANA Library. At the same time that you will be increasing your knowledge about this great hobby, you’ll be helping to support the ANA. Consider joining the ANA and you’ll save on all your purchases. Better yet, become an ANA member and rent it from the library for FREE!

Liberty Seated Dime Varieties

To Michael Fey: Thank-you for the advice and feedback on the book project as it was nearing the point of completion. Your publishing guidance inspired the creation of the Major 100 Die Varieties listing for Seated Dimes. Your thoughts on promoting the project influenced the format final of the website. Your continued feedback after the release of the web-book has been thoroughly appreciated.  
Gerry Fortin, Author of the "Definitive Reference Source for Liberty Seated Dime varieties".

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