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If you are high net worth individual and wish to diversify by placing a small portion of your funds into bullion coins, precious metals or certified coins, Dr. Fey can help you build a fine numismatic portfolio with excellent potential for long term appreciation.

I would recommend no more than about 5-10% of your assets be placed into precious metals and coins. Precious metals represent the lower end of the risk:reward ratio and are generally used as a hedge against inflation. Select certified coins, particularly key date or key variety premium quality (PQ) coins in critical grades offer the potential for significantly greater appreciation than precious metals. As with any investment, investing in precious metals or coins is not risk free. However, over the long term, returns on select numismatic holdings tended to outpace inflation, the stock market, and investment in real estate.

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Whether you randomly set aside funds for purchase of precious metals or certified coins, or establish a monthly budget for systematic investing, Dr. Fey can help you improve your chances for a greater return on your investment while educating you about the coin market. In the long run, an educated investor will appreciate the beauty, history and rarity of his/her numismatic portfolio more, while his/her numismatic portfolio will appreciate.

Dr. Fey can assist you in developing a plan for investment based on your needs, on acquisition of coins with greater potential for appreciation, on certification, conservation, and re-certification. When the time comes to sell he can also offer advise you or your family. Dr. Fey has working experience with family attorneys to sell numismatic properties and in auctioning estates.

All it takes to get started is to communicate your interest in learning more about the Portfolio or Estate Development program or Estate Settlement via E-mail, telephone at 973-252-4000, or FAX 973-252-0481. Or, simply provide your telephone number so that Dr. Fey can call to discuss.
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