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  NCS - Numismatic Conservation Services

This is the only company that is currently in the numismatic marketplace that has professional numismatists specializing in conserving your coin. They perform a valuable service by taking the possible risk out of your ruining a valued coin. This means that if you have a toned coin with an undesirable appearance and you want it to look white, they may be able to make it white. They do a good job of removing copper spots on gold, black spots on nickel and silver, and the greenish polyvinyl chloride film residue on almost any coin. They also do an excellent job taking light dirt and grime off all coins. The results are typically coins nicer in appearance that may even grade higher upon submission to their sister company, NGC.

You pay for NCS’ evaluation, the actual conservation service, if performed, and a guarantee if you wish, that the coin will not grade any lower than the grade of the certified coin you submit. Otherwise, NGC would be responsible to pay the difference in value of the grade submitted before and after conservation. Naturally, a non-certified coin may be submitted to this service too. If your coin cannot be certified by NGC because it was cleaned, or has other problems precluding certification, NCS may still holder the coin after conservation in the NCS holder with an appropriate authentication, details grade and comment. Contact RCI if you wish to have Dr. Fey submit you coins to NCS.

Dr. Fey can advise which of your coins are good candidates for conservation and which may be considered for possible upgrade upon conservation. In most cases, this service cost a small percentage of the value of your coins plus NGC certification expenses. Use of NCS conservation can be an excellent way to substantially increase the desirability and/or value of your coins.

Dr. Fey / RCI is an authorized dealer submitter for:

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