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Leroy & Marilyn Van Allen

Again, Marilyn & I want to thank you for all the fine efforts on getting these pieces in the two auctions, the excellent publicity and the wonderful prices realized! We appreciate the extraordinary efforts you had to go to in order to work with Heritage and to have a lightening sale on short notice.


Mark Kimpton, M.D.

Michael Fey has been an invaluable friend and expert in the field of numismatics. From the very beginning of my adventure into coin collecting Michael has guided me with sound advice and great insight into the field of Morgan Dollars and the TOP 100 collection in particular. It is with mixed emotions that I decided to sell my TOP 100 collection, however I never questioned who to ask for help in selling the set. Michael's connections and respect in the collecting community is unmatched in my opinion, especially when it comes to Morgan dollar varieties. His tireless work on the auction and accessibility during the hectic days and final hours of the actual sale put my mind at ease. One of the hardest things for a collector to do is to sell their cherished possessions, but I knew the collection was in good hands. I know the success of the auction was due to his outstanding efforts. Without question he is the best in the Morgan dollar variety business. What price can you place on knowing you have the best working on your behalf? Thanks again Michael for everything.


A professional who truly enjoys his work

I decided to meet with Dr. Fey for advice in selling my coin collection after spending hours of research on the computer and visiting the local coin dealers. Dr. Fey evaluated, sorted and discussed my coin collection with the enthusiasm of a child left alone in a toy store. Each and every coin was examined in detail. After 14 hours of fun I learned more about coins than I could have ever imagined. The results were more than I had ever expected. I would highly recommend Dr. Fey to anyone looking for an honest professional who truly looks out for the best interest of his clients. JG, Sussex County, New Jersey.



I am convinced that Michael has a photographic memory. I am continually amazed at how he can go to a show and come up with rare die varieties in all types of U.S coins and several foreign coins too. He knows more about rare die varieties in my area of collecting than I do, and I’ve been collecting the series for more than 30 years!

Carl F.



I dealt with other numismatic professionals before but none as good, or as honest as Dr. Fey. Instead of being sold on the “wonder coin of the week”, the one that another dealer might want to “blow out” of his/her inventory, Dr. Fey recommended a good coin to set our sites on. He acquired it for me at a major coin show and now it has more than tripled in value. Since then, he has acquired about a dozen wonderful rarities that I intend to pass along to my children.




I trust Michael as I would trust my brother! He literally turned my inherited “junk” coins into a few wonderful rarities, coins with great demand and liquidity. They have already appreciated substantially in value.

Mike G.



I consigned several high grade coins to RCI for sale. I was thoroughly pleased with the prices that Dr. Fey was able to get for my coins. We reviewed several possible sales routes, and decided on a strategy. I know he worked hard to get me the absolute best prices in the marketplace.

Tom M.



On several occasions, I asked Dr. Fey to represent me in auction. He was both professional and reliable in executing bids for the coins I sought. On one occasion, he brought me to a live auction to show me how it’s done. I would not hesitate to use Dr. Fey’s knowledge and experience to help me acquire additional coins for my collection.

John R.



Michael is so fair and honest that he actually told me that the coin sitting in my showcase was a rare die variety. He not only paid the full retail price on the holder, but also gave me a bit more than I was asking as a fair premium for the variety. Now that’s something that I never heard before. He can look through my inventory anytime!

Richard H.



I am pleased to write this testimonial for Michael Fey, RCI who has become more of a friend than a professional numismatic relationship. Michael is a caring individual who always treats me with respect. He is responsive when I call or E-mail, making me feel as if I’m the most important client he serves. He not only answers my questions, but takes time to educate me about the coins in which I have interest. He often mails me new information as it comes off the press. He has a great eye for coins and has acquired some real high end pieces for me. We just got two upgrades on his prior acquisitions netting me a +$15,000 increase in the value of my coins. Needless to say, I am quite happy to be working with Michael.

Bill F.



I made over $30,000., in my first month working with Dr. Fey! He knows the fine art of coin grading and the peculiarities of the various major grading services. He was able to get a high percentage of my coins certified in the next higher grade and in one case, the coin jumped by three grades. And to top it off, he made an incredible new variety discovery in my collection which appeared as front page news in one of the coin newspapers.

I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Fey to anyone interested in maximizing the value of his/her collection.

Bill M.



As an experienced dealer, I was taken back when Dr. Fey told me that I was undergrading nearly two dozen of my coins. He convinced me to send them to one of the major grading services for certification. To my surprise, they graded more than $10,000., higher than what I originally willing to sell them for as raw coins. After helping me sell the coins for a tidy sum, I split the extra profit with Dr. Fey and now make every attempt to ask him to go through my inventory for coins that I’ve undergraded and for rare die varieties.

Harry S.



Dr. Fey advised me to conserve several of my certified coins with NCS. As a result, three coins came back looking much nicer, and in higher certified grades too. Needless to say, I am quite pleased with Dr. Fey’s advice.

John G.



Congratulations on the great job you did on the RCI Spring, 2003 Ultra Rarities Auction.

The auctioning of most of my Morgan silver dollar VAM Collection was a tough decision for me to make and after careful consideration I consigned them to your Spring 2003 auction.

I was delighted with the results of that auction, which far exceeded my expectations.

I know the many hours of work you put into the description and photographs and appreciate all that you did.

Thanks you again and take care.

Paul P.


In the Spring, 2003, Dr. Fey made a bid for the American Numismatic Association Board of Governors. He was just 29 votes short of a ANA Board seat after obtaining more than 4000 votes. Here’s what other professionals said about Michael.

“Michael Fey belongs on the ANA Board. He is
genuinely dedicated to the collector, the hobby and
to the ANA . He gets my vote!”

Anthony Swiatek
Past President, ANA

"Michael Fey is one of the real talents in numismatics. His proven business acumen is balanced by a genuine love for the hobby. I look forward to an outstanding ANA board with him as a member. I wholeheartedly endorse Michael Fey as a candidate."

Mark Salzberg, Chairman and CEO
Numismatic Guaranty Corporation,
The Official Grading Service of the ANA

“During the last decade that I have known Dr. Michael Fey, I have seen a willingness to share information unselfishly with everyone he comes into contact with. His integrity as an educator is above reproach. He has earned my support and my vote in his candidacy for ANA Governor”.

H. Robert Campbell
Past President, ANA

“I first met Michael Fey when I was Education Director of the ANA. The first time we met, Michael was enthusiastic about how the ANA could better serve its members and the coin hobby. Michael never lost that focus and commitment”.

James Taylor
President, ICG

"Considering what he has already accomplished, Michael Fey will no doubt take his place in the Pantheon of U.S. silver dollar greats for bringing varieties into the mainstream of silver dollar collecting. I am convinced he would bring an incredible breadth of experience and knowledge to the ANA Board of Governors."

Jeff Oxman, Founder & Director
Society of Silver Dollar Collectors

“Mike is one of those rare individuals who can see something that needs doing and gets right to work to find a solution that is good for all involved. He is an asset to the numismatic community in the business arena and will certainly be a great asset in the public arena. I very enthusiastically support him for Governor. So should you.

Rick Snow
President, Eagle Eye Rare Coins, Inc.


"I've worked with Michael Fey on a variety of important projects affecting both the business and hobby areas of numismatics over several years. His energy and commitment are unsurpassed, and I know he'll be a real asset to the ANA's membership."

David W. Lange
Research Director
Numismatic Guaranty Corporation

“I fully support Michael Fey in his campaign to become Governor of the ANA. Over the last decade, Michael has contributed immensely to the hobby through his publication of many interesting articles and books covering many numismatic subjects, but he is best known for his Silver Dollar variety books and related articles, some co-written with Jeff Oxman. I find Michael to be a very upbeat person who is always eager to share his knowledge with anyone. He is a strong proponent of education and has been a frequent instructor, contributor and attendee at the ANA Summer Conferences and other ANA sponsored educational seminars.

Michael Fey is a major asset to our hobby and will do much to promote the ANA”

Tom Mulvaney
ANA Life Member #3607 (30-year member)

“Michael Fey has been a true collector, speaker, dealer, researcher and author to the hobby for a number of years. He has always been willing to share his time and talents to others in the hobby. Mike would also be an excellent Governor for the ANA to bring his business experience to the Board in these trying economic times. With the ANA Board molding the future of the Association's entry into the 21st century he can play an important part in the decision making process.

I support Mike's bid to be a member of the Board.

William H. Horton, Jr.
ANA Governor; VP Candidate,ANA


“Michael Fey is a very knowledgeable and enthusiastic coin collector and dealer. He has made many contributions to the hobby and has shared his knowledge through his books, specialty devices and informative newsletters. His leadership qualities will serve the ANA very well.

Leroy Van Allen
Co-author, The Comprehensive Catalog & Encyclopedia of Morgan & Peace Dollars


Regards Tony

Thank you for writing the Top 100 VAMS book, I enjoy collecting so much more today than I did when I was a kid in high school in the 1970's because of the hunt for VAM's.

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