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  SEGS - Sovereign Entities Grading Service

Sovereign Entities Grading Service Inc. is one of the most recent services to enter the arena of "third party grading" services. With a “who’s who” list of professional consultants that owner Larry Briggs relies on for expert attribution, SEGS offers an attractive and innovative see-through holder with the details facing up on its edge for ease of inspection in a typical coin box. SEGS also caters to specialist and variety enthusiasts and will certified problem coins so noted on its holder. SEGS does not net grade problem coins, allowing the market to net price the coin based on what a willing buyer and willing seller agree is fair. SEGS offers a limited guarantee. If within six (6) months after SEGS has graded a coin, the owner of such coin believes that the coin has been over graded with respect to such standards and procedures, the owner may submit such coin to SEGS in its original SEGS coin capsule for re-grading and pay the appropriate grading fees which may or may not be refundable. Contact RCI if you wish to have Dr. Fey submit you coins to SEGS.

Dr. Fey / RCI is an authorized dealer submitter for:

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